When Is The Best Time To Hire A Landscaper?

The best time to look for a landscaping company is February and March. You will have a much greater chance of finding a reliable landscaper during these months. Customers can call multiple companies and get estimates within 24 hours, whereas if you try calling in April or May, there is a great chance you won’t get your landscaping project scheduled until at least June. Our company also offers tremendous discounts and savings for customers that sign up early!

bolton landscape cleanup program

Our company offers all customers a 10% Discount on The Bolton Landscape Cleanup Program for any customer that signs up in February! If you sign up in February, you also guarantee yourself a spot on the top of our spring cleanup list.

For customers reaching out in March, you still get an early bird discount of 5%. Customers signing up in March can expect to be serviced that month or in April.

Want even BIGGER savings? Sign up with a neighbor for our landscape cleanup program and you both get 10% OFF! If you sign up in February, both you and your neighbor can save 20% on your landscaping bill for the season. That is hundreds of dollars in savings!

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