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If you are looking for honesty, integrity and quality workmanship in a lawn mowing service, then look no further. Bolton Lawn Care takes pride in providing the finest lawn mowing and landscape services in Warrington PA. We have earned our reputation as a hard-working, team-oriented contractor with high standards in providing lawn and landscaping services.

Choose from our Monthly MaintenancePer Cut, or our Bi-Weekly Program!

Monthly Maintenance:

Our mission is to be the highest quality maintenance company in our area. After years of experimenting with maintenance programs, we created The Monthly Maintenance Program. Our clients love this program, and we guarantee you will too!

The Monthly Maintenance program is billed at the beginning of each month starting on April 1st. This program is the same price billed at the beginning of the month for 8 months. We mow each week during the growing season, which starts in April and ends the third week of November. The Bolton Lawn Care crews will be on your property exactly 32 times per year (the week after labor day is the only week we will not be servicing). Customers can request we skip lawn maintenance service. If you request a skip or we are unable to service your property due to factors outside of our control, a 25% discount per service skipped will be applied to next month’s service.

Example: A customer’s monthly maintenance price is $160. A drought has stopped the lawn from growing and the customer requests we skip this week’s lawn cut. Next month’s invoice would be discounted 25% to $120.

Additional Monthly Maintenance Benefits: Customers can request our crews skip a lawn cut and spend the exact same amount of time we would have spent mowing, performing garden bed maintenance. This includes weeding, removing debris and sticks, and watering upon request. Customers must notify us one day before scheduled service.

Monthly Maintenance Benefits:

  • Fixed price billed at the beginning of the month.
  • No longer have to worry about searching for an invoice at the end of each month.
  • Guarantees a lawn service every week beginning April 1st and ending the third week of November.
  • 10% price savings compared to the ‘Per Cut Mowing Program’.
  • No 1.5x cut charge if grass is overgrown.
  • Customers can request we skip a lawn mowing service so that we can spend time on bed maintenance

Per Cut Mowing Program:

warrington lawn service

With the “Per Cut” Payment Plan, we bill for the amount of lawn cuts at the end of every month. This program is what most clients are accustomed to when switching from another mowing service. Customers are allowed to request 5 “skips” during the growing season. The per cut program is 10% more expensive than the monthly mowing program because it requires more office work and overhead on our part. We are able to automate the billing process with the monthly mowing.

NOTE: With the Per Cut Program we reserve the right to charge 1.5x if we have to double cut due to the length of the lawn. This usually only occurs during the first cut and/or if the yard is skipped previous weeks.

Bi-Weekly Mowing:

The Bi-Weekly Mowing program is billed at the beginning of the month the same way The Monthly Maintenance Program is. Bi-weekly, as the name states, means we will come cut the grass every other week. This is generally for customers on a budget or have lawns that do not get a lot of sunlight and grow very slow. The Bi-Weekly price is 1.33-1.5x the “Per Cut Price”. This is because bi-weekly lawns need to be double-cut and re-edged to meet the Bolton Lawn Care standard of high quality.

  • 16 property visits from April-November.
  • Billed every two weeks.
  • Higher “per cut” cost, but lower monthly and seasonal cost.
  • Budget friendly.

Cancelation Terms

We don’t believe in holding people to contracts that lock them in for the entire season. We understand if you are moving, or need to cancel for whatever reason. We do not have a cancelation penalty. If you pre-paid for a month in the monthly maintenance program, you will be refunded the amount (minus whatever work we have already performed.)

Example: Following the model above, the monthly maintenance cost is $160. We cut the lawn twice during the month, and a customer sells their house and no longer needs our service. Since they were billed $160 at the start of the month, and we cut the lawn twice, they will be refunded $80.

Warrington Landscape Cleanup Program

3 Annual Cleanups (Spring, Summer, Winter)

The Bolton Landscape Cleanup Program will make sure your garden beds are looking incredible all year long.  This approach will not only keep your mulch and flower beds looking better, it will keep them healthier and save a lot of money compared to doing 2-3 separate cleanups.  One time cleanups have a larger cost due to the overgrowth, which can be avoided with our program.  You’ll end up spending a lot less in the long run with this cleanup program.

  • 1st Clean-up (Spring Cleanup): Typically during the spring. This opens your lawn/landscape up from a cold winter. Our crew weeds, re-edge’s existing flower beds, trims shrubs/ hedges, and cleans up leaf/small debris removal. After that we apply a pre-emergent herbicide to the flower beds before adding fresh double shredded hardwood mulch.
  • 2nd Clean-up (Summer Cleanup): During summer, between June and August. All loose debris and weeds will be removed from garden beds. All shrubs will receive a second trimming.
  • 3rd Cleanup-up (Winter Cleanup): During January/February, the winter cleanup is intended to give the property a “once-over” to gather organic debris that accumulates on the property during the winter months *Leaf Removal is in November/December and is an available add-on to the program. No new mulch is applied during this visit.

One Time Cleanup

Weeding and re-edging of existing flower beds, trimming of shrubs/hedges, fresh mulch applied, leaf/small debris removal (pre-emergent herbicide is applied to flower beds before mulching during spring time only).

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