bolton lawn care owners
The Owners: Andrew and Jim

About Bolton Lawn Care

At Bolton Lawn Care, our business education combined with our lawn care expertise is what makes us stand out from the rest. Andrew and Jim are brothers, and graduates of CB West High School and Muhlenberg College’s business school. We have formed great relationships with our clients over the years and hope to continue them with you!

The foundation of our business model rests on our core values of:

Integrity, Discipline and Customer Satisfaction.

Landscaping is one of the few fields of work where performance can be adequately measured each time we preform a service. This is why having integrity in our work, the discipline to complete our services in a timely fashion, and satisfying our customer is so important.​

If we don’t consistently deliver excellent service to your home, our values would be meaningless, and our business would suffer as a result.

Taking Care Of The Community

Taking care of our community is one of the number one reasons we enjoy lawn care and landscaping so much. We understand the importance of an image within a community. We also understand that some of our clients are unable to take care of the lawn themselves because of age or illness. We want to help give back to the community by creating beautiful landscapes for our customers that make them proud to live in the towns we service.

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