Chalfont Lawn Service And Landscaping

Chalfont Lawn And Landscape Maintenance:

Your home is your most valuable asset! At Bolton Lawn Care, we take pride in maintaining your home’s surrounding landscape. We will work directly with you to ensure your satisfaction, and ensure that your lawn and landscape is maintained at our high quality standards. We offer a variety of landscape maintenance options including:

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Mulching & Edging
  • Weeding & Weed Control Applications (Landscape Bed Only)
  • Maintenance Pruning & Shrub Trimming
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups
  • Landscape Design + New Garden Bed Creations
  • Hardscaping – Paver Patios and Walkways

Chalfont Landscape Cleanup Schedule: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The best way to keep your landscaping beds looking their best all year round, is by doing three separate landscape cleanups. The most common schedule our clients follow is one spring cleanup in March before Easter, a follow up hedge trimming/weeding and flower bed cleanup in June, July or August, and a final cleanup that includes hedge trimming, cutting back of tall grasses or perennials such as hostas and Two Leaf Cleanups in November and December.

  • 1st Clean-up (Spring Cleanup): Typically during the spring or early summer. This opens your landscape up from a cold winter.
    • Bed Preparation: Our crew weeds, re-edge’s existing flower beds, trims shrubs/hedges, and clean up any debris that accumulated in the beds over winter. Bed Preparation is billed by the hour. For more information about how we price work, please visit the link here!
    • After that we apply a pre-emergent herbicide(if requested) to the flower beds before adding fresh hardwood mulch, available in black, brown, natural (no dye) or red colors. Mulch is billed by the yard/install rate. For more information about how we price work, please visit the link here!
  • 2nd Clean-up (Summer Cleanup): During summer, between June and August. All loose debris and weeds will be removed from garden beds. All shrubs will receive a second trimming.
  • 3rd Cleanup-up (Fall Cleanup): November and December. Leaf removal service and perennial cut backs. Our crew will come in and vacuum up any leaves, cut back all tall grasses and rake out any dead perennials such as hostas. If a final shrub trimming is needed, we will also go ahead and cut them back as well. Our leaf removal service typically will do two visits, one before Thanksgiving and one a few weeks after in December when the Oak trees drop. How many, and what type of tree will determine if you need one or multiple cleanups.
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