How To Get The Best Value From Your Lawn Service

Price and value have very different meanings in business. Some customers simply shop for the lowest price, and don’t realize the trade off in value they receive. Lower prices in the service industry almost always directly correlate with poor value. Value is the monetary, material, or assessed worth of an asset, good, or service.┬áIn a lawn service provider, the value we provide is how well the lawn or landscaping looks, how the communication between customer and client is, and how knowledgeable are we about issues regarding lawn and landscaping.

Our value comes in the top notch service we provide each time, our easy payment options, our clear customer communication, and our consistency. We hear all the time “My last lawn service I could never get a hold of” or “They missed lawn cuts all the time and our grass was overgrown”. Companies that address these client concerns will always fair better than those that do not.

If you are a customer reading this, make sure to ask your lawn company about payment options, which way is best to get ahold of them for a prompt answer (email, text or call?), and be clear about what kind of service you expect. If you want great service, don’t expect a low price. If you want a “really” great price, don’t expect great service. Our industry is extremely expensive and labor intensive. It’s hard to keep good employees without paying them a premium. The average mower costs $8-10,000. Trucks are $30-50,000. Our industry pays the highest percent in workers compensation because of the workplace hazards. All of this adds up quick!

Here is my best tip if you want to pay a fair price, and get great service: Talk to your neighbors and ask who they use for their lawn. If they’re not happy with their service, suggest that you both find and hire the same company. If they are happy, ask them who they use and hire them! Lawn care companies LOVE when they can get multiple houses in the same neighborhood. It’s less drive time between jobs and saves the owner money. Landscaping companies can offer a better price to the customer if you have multiple houses in the same neighborhood. If you’re looking for a lawn care company now, reach out to us today, and visit our referral program page to learn how you and your neighbors can save money on lawn service and landscaping!

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