The Most Common Lawn Diseases – And How To Stop Them

Trying to identify the most common lawn diseases can be a challenge. This guide was created to give the knowledge on how to identify lawn diseases. After reading this article you will be able to identify: Does my lawn have a disease, which lawn disease, which course of action should be followed, and most importantly,Continue reading “The Most Common Lawn Diseases – And How To Stop Them”

Lawn Mowing Programs

Choose from our Unlimited Mowing, Per Cut Program, or our Bi-Weekly Program! Unlimited Mowing: We have received lots of positive feedback from customers about having the option to add a card on file. We want to make it even simpler for our clients, and as a result, we have decided to add a new andContinue reading “Lawn Mowing Programs”

Organic And Pesticide Free Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care vs. Traditional Lawn Care If the number one goal of your lawn fertilization service this year is to be completely weed free, we want to share some information that may change your mind. The number one herbicide used for killing weeds is 2,4-D, or 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. Agent Orange, the notorious defoliant usedContinue reading “Organic And Pesticide Free Lawn Care”

Spring Landscape Cleanup Service

What’s included in our Spring Landscape Cleanup service: Weeding and removal of any dead growth. Edging of existing garden beds. Pre-emergent weed control. Fresh double-ground black or brown mulch applied. During the cleanup our crew will also trim any hedges under 12 feet tall. Weeding Service Our weeding service will remove all weeds from gardenContinue reading “Spring Landscape Cleanup Service”

Unbiased Review Of The Toro Grandstand Mower

This past year, our company picked up two Toro Grandstand models from our local dealer. We thought writing a review of the Toro Grandstand would be very useful for other landscapers. We had previously owned a Gravely ProTurn 160, and decided to trade that in for our first Grandstand. Fast forward to two months later,Continue reading “Unbiased Review Of The Toro Grandstand Mower”

Fall Leaf Removal Service

Fall Leaf Cleanups And Leaf Removal We are scheduling fall leaf cleanups in New Britain, Chalfont, Doylestown and surrounding towns now so please contact us for a free leaf removal/leaf cleanup estimate! We’ve written before on our blog about the importance of cleaning your leaves for a healthy lawn. Fall leaf cleanup is essential forContinue reading “Fall Leaf Removal Service”