Plant Profile: Yews

Yews are a popular evergreen shrub that can add both beauty and privacy to any landscape. They are known for their dense foliage, interesting growth habits, and adaptability to a variety of growing conditions. In this plant profile, we will explore the beauty and characteristics of yews. Description Yews belong to the genus Taxus andContinue reading “Plant Profile: Yews”

List of Plants And Each Month They Bloom In Southeast Pennsylvania

Here is a list of plants that bloom each month from March to October in Southeast Pennsylvania. Some plants such as forsythia may bloom earlier depending on how warm the ground temperature is. In fact, this past winter of 2023 I saw crocuses blooming in February! if you are looking for landscape planting or design,Continue reading “List of Plants And Each Month They Bloom In Southeast Pennsylvania”

Plant Profile: Thistles

Thistles are tough, prickly weeds that can be difficult to remove from your garden. These weeds can quickly take over and spread, choking out other plants and creating an eyesore in your yard. There are several effective methods for removing thistle from your garden thankfully. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best waysContinue reading “Plant Profile: Thistles”

How Our Company Prices Services

As a business owner, I understand that the cost of landscape services is a significant concern for many of our clients. We strive to provide the highest quality service while remaining competitive in our pricing. One essential factor that affects our pricing is gross margins. What Is Gross Margin? Gross margins are a measure ofContinue reading “How Our Company Prices Services”

Plant Profile: Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

Purple leaf sand cherry, also known as Prunus x cistena, is a popular ornamental tree that is widely grown for its striking foliage and stunning spring blossoms. This deciduous tree is a member of the Rosaceae family and is native to North America. Background The Purple Leaf Sand Cherry tree was developed in the 1940sContinue reading “Plant Profile: Purple Leaf Sand Cherry”

Overhead: A Landscaper’s Explanation For Charging The Way We Do

Landscaping companies are businesses that specialize in designing and maintaining outdoor spaces. These companies can provide a wide range of services, including lawn care, tree trimming, planting, and irrigation system installation. However, unlike many other service industries, landscaping companies have higher overhead costs. Overhead costs refer to the indirect expenses that a business incurs inContinue reading “Overhead: A Landscaper’s Explanation For Charging The Way We Do”