Review Of The Toro Z Master 2000 Series

toro z master 2000 series

We purchased this mower two years ago when we picked up two commercial HOA’s. It was a great mower for us at the time, and the first “commercial” sit down zero turn we had ever bought. We have two toro grandstands which I reviewed and this was the third mower we added to the fleet.


This mower has basically the same build as the Toro 4000 series which is their most popular seller. It has a heavy duty deck, the same arm levers, but a smaller hydro system and smaller engine.

  • The first pro would be the heavy duty build, which I also think is a “Con” and I’ll explain below.
  • The price point is also very good. As of 2023 I think they are about $9,000, but when I bought this mower two years ago it was $7,800 I believe.
  • The seat is comfortable enough. It’s not the comfiest mower seat, but if you’re only cutting for a few hours a week, this seat will not bother your back at all.
  • Extremely easy access to belts, and the deck lift system is nice.


For a business owner, I probably wouldn’t recommend this mower. Unless you’re cutting two days a week or less, this mower in my opinion is not the right option. I think the engine is very under powered. It’s not the speed that is an issue, but cut quality with speed. It felt like we were constantly double cutting because the engine did not have enough power to send the grass far. I could change the blades every day and it still didn’t make a big difference. If the grass is wet, forget about it, you’re triple cutting.

The engine is also very hard to access and do simple tasks like filling the oil or draining the oil.

The hydro’s were also not great. I’ve driven Gravely’s, Scag’s and John Deere’s and turning isn’t that hard. However, this mower had the most sensitive hydro’s of any mower I have ever used. It felt like it was “herky-jerky” every time you went to turn.


I really like Toro and I think they make a great product, which is why we bought two brand new Z Master 4000’s this year. But personally, the Z Master 2000 really isn’t for a commercial contractor. I think the best way to describe it, is it’s a homeowner engine with a commercial mower body. If you’re a homeowner and want a reliable mower to mow your acreage property, I would go with this mower. If you’re a lawn service provider, definitely skip this one and upgrade to the 4000 series.

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