Plant Profile: Rhododendron


Rhododendron’s are part of the Evergreen family. There are a number of different Rhododendron species, that vary in size from 3-4 feet, all the way up to 15-20 feet. Rhododendron’s have beautiful flowers in clusters at stem ends. The colors of this shrub’s flowers vary from pinks, red, purples, yellow and even bi-color. They prefer moist and well drained acidic soil. These are incredibly hearty shrubs for our climate zone (6) and do exceptionally well. These shrubs are susceptible to drought, so mulch them in the spring or summer to help retain moisture.

bi-color rhododendron
Example of a bi-color pink and purple Rhododendron.

Light Requirements:

These shrubs do best in moderate shade.


Avoid using shears or hedge trimmers to take care of these shrubs. Use pruners to remove dying branches or to shape.


Foundation Planting, Shrub Border, Screens, Specimen.


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