What Are Specimen Trees?

Have you ever looked at a home’s beautiful landscaping and wondered what exactly it was that made it look like it “all flowed together”? It very well could be the specimen tree, otherwise known as an accent tree. Specimen trees are used as a point of focus in a landscape. Specimen’s typically have an unusual shape, texture, color or other feature that distinguishes it from other trees and shrubs in your landscape. Specimen trees should be planted alone instead of in groups or clusters like most shrubs.

specimen tree in a home's landscaping

In the picture above of one of our landscape maintenance clients, the Japanese Maple is the specimen tree of this garden bed. The beauty of the leaves and unique umbrella shape dominates your focus and catches your attention. Japanese Maples are excellent specimen trees.

If you have any questions about specimen trees or would like to have your landscaping re-designed by us, contact us today!

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