Plant Profile: Viburnum

snow ball cluster viburnum

Viburnum’s are excellent plants to add to your Pennsylvania home’s landscape. These shrubs can be used for a wide variety of different uses for your landscape. These ancient shrubs have the capability of growing between 3-20 ft. tall. Viburnum, similar to Hollies, can grow quickly to large heights, or be kept smaller and more shrub like.

Viburnum’s are very versatile for modern landscapes. These beautiful shrubs bloom between mid spring and early summer and will boast beautiful flowers for quite a few weeks.

Different Types Of Viburnum

There are around 165 known different varieties of Viburnum. It’s worth noting that Viburnums thrive in almost every growing zone, and there is no single viburnum foliage. Viburnums typically have white or pink flowers, and can grow blooms that are large like a Hydrangea, or small and flat like an Azalea. The three most common flower types are:

  • Flat clusters of florets.
  • Flat umbels outlined with larger flowers, resembling hydrangeas.
  • Dome-shaped, snowball like clusters.

Viburnum Maintenance

Viburnums are typically low maintenance as far as watering is concerned. The amount of sun will impact the amount of blooms. Viburnum planted in a shady spot will tend to yield less blooms. Plant these shrubs in direct sun for best results. Most species are fast growing so yearly or twice yearly pruning will be required if you wish to keep these shrubs small. These shrubs can easily turn into a privacy fence and can grow to massive heights.

How To Plant Viburnum

Viburnum’s are no different than Hollies when it comes to planting. There is a 99% chance if you are reading this, that you will be getting the Viburnum from a nursery and it will come in a 3 Gallon Pot.

A Simple Tip For 1-5 Gallon Pot Plantings: Dig the hole as deep as the pot, and twice as wide.

how to plant a plant diagram

Are you interested in having a professional landscape company in Chalfont PA re-plant your garden with new Viburnums? Contact us here on our contact page!

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