Lawn Mowing Programs

Choose from our Unlimited Mowing, Per Cut Program, or our Bi-Weekly Program!

Unlimited Mowing:

We have received lots of positive feedback from customers about having the option to add a card on file. We want to make it even simpler for our clients, and as a result, we have decided to add a new and simple payment plan option: The Unlimited Mowing Program.

The Unlimited Mowing Program includes monthly billing starting in April and finishing in December. The unlimited mowing program covers service for the entire mowing season, no matter how many times we cut. The average number of lawn cuts each year falls between 28-32 in a season. We mow every 7-10 days during the growing seasons, and occasionally every 14 days if we incur a drought. However, the weather is different each year and it’s tough to guess how many times we’ll be out. 

This plan has many benefits: it guarantees coverage for the entire season, and you won’t have to worry about exactly how many times we provide service. It’s budget friendly, as our rate is the same each month no matter what. Instead of paying a surge price during the spring and fall, you get the same consistent payment throughout the year!

  • Same price billed at the beginning of the month.
  • No longer have to worry about searching for an invoice at the end of each month.
  • Guarantees a lawn cut every 6-10 days during Spring and Fall, and every 7-14 days during summer drought times (haven’t had any in the last three seasons).
  • Monthly price savings compared to per cut mowing.
  • No 1.5x cut charge if grass is overgrown.
  • 2% Pre-Pay For Entire Season Discount

Per Cut Mowing Program:

With the “Per Cut” Payment Plan, we bill at the end of the month (CC saved within our secure client portal is required). This means your payments will be higher during the rush periods and lower/none during the slow and winter seasons. This program is what most clients are accustomed to when switching from another mowing service. Customers are allowed to request 5 “skips” during the growing season.

NOTE: With the Per Cut Program we reserve the right to charge 1.5x if we have to double cut due to the length of the lawn. This usually only occurs during the first cut and/or if the yard is skipped previous weeks.

  • Billed every month.
  • Monthly payments during slow months is lower/no payments compared to unlimited mowing.
  • Customers can skip a mow as long as we are notified 24 hours ahead of time.

Bi-Weekly Mowing:

The Bi-Weekly Mowing program is billed at the end of the month, following the same billing schedule as the “Per Cut Program”. Bi-weekly, as the name states, means we will come cut the grass every two weeks. This is generally for customers on a budget. The Bi-Weekly price is 1.33-1.5x the “Per Cut Price”. This is because bi-weekly lawns need to be double-cut to meet the Bolton Lawn Care standard of high quality.

  • Billed every month.
  • Higher “per cut” cost, but lower monthly and seasonal cost.
  • Budget friendly.

A Comparison Of The Three Lawn Mowing Programs:

Both of our lawn mowing programs have their own benefits. The side by side comparison example below should help clarify some questions you might have.

Price Per Cut: $45

  • 28-30 lawn cuts from April-November.
  • Average monthly payments: $190 during growing season.
  • No payments from December-March.
  • Service comes weekly, and clients can request a skip service as long as it’s 24 hours ahead. Maximum 5 skips in a season.

Unlimited Mow Price: $45

  • 28-30 Lawn Cuts from April-November.
  • Monthly Payment (April-December) Each Month: $150.
  • Set monthly payments throughout the year.
  • Service comes weekly, and clients can request a skip service as long as it’s 24 hours ahead.

Bi-Weekly Mow Price: $60

  • 15-17 Lawn Cuts from April-November
  • Average monthly payments: $120 during growing season.
  • No payments from December-March.
  • Service comes bi-weekly from April-November.
  • Lowest cost per year program

Seasonal Bolton Lawn Care Mower Deck Heights

  • April 1st – June 15th: 3.25 inches
  • June 16th – Sept 1st: 3.5 – 3.75 inches
  • Sept 2nd- Dec 1st: 3.0 – 3.25 inches

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