Fall Leaf Removal Service

Fall Leaf Cleanups And Leaf Removal Service

fall leaf removal service

We are scheduling fall leaf cleanups in New Britain, Chalfont, Doylestown, Warrington and surrounding towns now so please contact us for a free leaf removal/leaf cleanup estimate!

We’ve written before on our blog about the importance of cleaning your leaves for a healthy lawn. Fall leaf cleanup is essential for preserving a healthy lawn. Leaves, when mulched up by a mower are great organic compost. However, if left sitting on your lawn, will undoubtedly invite disease to plague your lawn next spring.

Leaf Cleanup Programs

  • Dual Cleanup Program
    • Our dual leaf cleanup program includes 2 leaf cleanup visits starting in November, followed by a second leaf cleanup in December or January. Over the years we have come to realize that most properties need two cleanups. During both property visits, our clients also get a lawn cut.
  • Single Leaf Cleanup
    • As the name states, a single leaf cleanup after all leaves have fallen. For a single property cleanup with disposal of leaves (in the woods, compost bin etc.) we charge the crew’s hourly rate. Single cleanups with leaves hauled off the property by our crew will be charged the hourly rate plus a disposal fee depending on the volume collected.

Leaf Removal Company

Our professional team uses commercial leaf blowers, walk behind blowers and rakes to clean out all beds and we finish by hauling them away with our heavy duty debris loader and dump trailer combination.

Our team is highly efficient at doing cleanups. We survey the property before we begin the timer and establish the fastest way to get in and get out, saving the customer money in the end.

For wooded properties that do not need leaves hauled away, we only charge the per hour man rate.

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